Preschool Program:

At Bains Road we are a full-time site and have a Blue Gum group and Wattle Group.

Blue Gum Group:
Mondays and Tuesdays: 8:30am until 3pm
Alternate Fridays: 11am until 3pm (odd weeks of each term)

Wattle Group:
Wednesdays and Thursdays: 8:30am until 3pm
Alternate Fridays: 11am until 3pm (even weeks of each term)


At Bains Road Preschool we believe in providing a safe and nurturing setting. We provide a play-based learning environment, while being guided by the Early Years Learning Framework: Being, Belonging and Becoming.

This framework has 5 outcomes:

Outcome 1 – Children have a strong sense of identity.
Outcome 2 – Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
Outcome 3 – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
Outcome 4 – Children are confident and involved learners.
Outcome 5 – Children are effective communicators.

Educators are also guided by the Preschool Literacy and Numeracy Indicators which support the teaching team to provide and extend children’s experiences by enriching opportunities for literacy and numeracy learning. Educators also teach the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum which is a mandated curriculum that is run across all Department for Education preschools and schools.

Please see the Parent Information Book for more information

The Inclusive Preschool Program:

The Inclusive Preschool Program (IPP) supports children with disabilities and high support needs to optimise their learning outcomes within a preschool setting. The IPP offers your child a preschool education while being supported by highly experienced special educators. The IPP caters for a group of up to six children per day, with a ratio of one educator to three children. The program provided at Bains Road Preschool is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework. The curriculum is highly differentiated for each individual child within a play-based learning environment. This is an integrated program which runs in conjunction with the main floor Kindergarten program. Information regarding preschool session times, fees and what is bring is the same as written above in the Preschool information.

Please see the Parent Information Book for more information

The Occasional Care Program:

Occasional Care enables parents/caregivers to participate in activities, work, commitments, keep appointments and enjoy social time without their children on an occasional basis. All children between the ages of 12 months and preschool age are welcome to attend, according to the priority of access guidelines and Centre Policy. When at Occasional Care, your child will have access to a range of meaningful; developmentally appropriate activities. They will be supported to safely explore their environment while developing new skills and relationships with others.

Session times:

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 8:30am until 11:15am (for children both under and over 2 years of age)
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 12pm until 2:45pm (for children over 2 years of age)

To book please call the preschool on 8322 3798. We encourage you to visit with your child upon enrolment.

Please see the Parent Information Book for more information


We are excited to begin a new playgroup program for children under 5 years of age. Playgroup runs weekly on Fridays from 9:00am until 10:30am. Playgroup is a fantastic way to meet new families, become familiar with the Preschool environment and chat with educators. Our playgroup session runs in the Occasional Care space and children will have access to our outdoor space as well. The cost of playgroup is $5 per family each session. This is an inclusive playgroup and all children are welcome. Preschool families are also welcome to attend playgroup.

No bookings needed.

Please note that playgroup does not run on the final Friday of the term or during the holidays.

Disability Support:

There is support available for children with disabilities in Department for Education Preschools (

Talk to us for more information.

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